I could spend a happy life filled with laugh and smile this year!!! And I started this blog for the first time. I'm so lucky to meet kind people from various countries(^_^)Thank you!!!

Sometimes I'm impatient with my English, because I can't express many things. So I want to improve my English next year! If I can do it, I can also understnad your blogs more!!!

I'm going to my parents home for a while, so see you again next year. And I hope all you have a happy new year!!!


Potate puff and christmas cake

★POTATE PUFF★★Christmas cake with santa★
Today I prepared for party!! These dishes are new for me, so there were a little troubles・・・.

And I made a small cake for me which I used remains.

← I tasted just now!! It was tasty!!!


Job in Japan

Now in Japan, there is a business depression. It's so big problem for us. Even if a person who has a job, he might lose his job suddenly ・・・. Someone who isn't a full-timer was said "Quit this job, and go away from your company house in three days." So not only he lost his job, but also he lost his house suddenly. It's so cruel. But on the other hand, there is a mayor tries to help such people!

Now I'm not a full-timer at my office, but maybe I can take a job exam in January. I've wanted to be a full-timer at my office for a long time. So I'm happy!! I hope I can pass the exam!!!



I had a party for the other day. There were 35 people, and the day was a birthday for a person. So I and Tamu-chan made a giga-pudding for him!!! Maybe it's difficult to see how big this pudding was・・・. But it needed 1.6L boiled water! Also it was tasty!

And these days, I have some happy news of my friends. A friend bore a girl two days ago. And another friend has got a job at the consulate general?? from next March in UK!!! So I feel happy(^ー^) Maybe next turn is me????



We went to Yachiyoza! The red chochin was so beautiful, my picture isn't so good though. And I made up men at last. They were so funny!!! I couldn't breathe because of laugh.

Also we went to spa at the hotel's roof this morning. There was a fog, so it was beautiful!!!


I've been busy this week ・・・.

I'm a secretary at University Hopital, and this is my office.

Tomorrow I'm going to a trip with my coworkers. We'll have a year-end party and farewell party at the same time!!! So I and my coworker, Tamu-chan had to prepare many things. We bought many snacks and cocktail for them, and made an album for a man who are leaving another hospital next year. We used many origami to decorate it, so it took us this week to make.
And I have to make up men for perfomance at the year-end party (>_<) It's first time for me to make
up men!!! So I'm excited about it!! It must be so fun!!!! I don't know you can see it or not, but they perform these peolple ↓


It's so cold today ・・・.

I'm thinking about a present for me!!! It's "Well done me this year and good luck next year" present!!!
Maybe I choose an audio player. Even now I use a MD player, and it's broken a little. Also the cherger is completepy broken・・・. i pod is best??? I don't know why, but everyone has it.



Last night, our plan for Mami-chan was successful!!!
I'm happy, because she was so pleased with it.

But we made a mistake (>_<)
When we checked the switch of the room light and prepared the cake ・・・, we noticed that we forgot the lighter ・・・. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to appear with the cake in the dark!!!

Anyway we had a good party!!!

And I made a New Year Card tonight. My mother asked me to make their cards, so I printed 55 cards just now. Next year is Cow's turn, so I chose this design, and I'll write some messages for each persons later. Usually New Year card is white. But this year, post office made a pink and yellow card for the first time. They are light colors, so cute!!



I took this picture last year, and this is a birthday cake for Mami-chan. The doll on the cake looks like her so much!!! Her birthday is December 9th, but she is too busy ・・・these days. So I thought it was difficult to have a party this year. But just now she sent me an E-mail, and maybe ・・・ we can have a party tomorrow!!! Chika-chan and I have already bought a present for her. It's cosmetics of Jill Stuart. It's so cute!!! I hope she will be pleased about them. And we also have another plan for her. I hope it can succeed!!! If I can succeed it, I want to show you them (^_^)


Matryoshka sewing set

I made a Matryoshka sewing set at last!!!

She has a bigger head than I thought (>_<) ・・・, but I did my best!!
And I made a measure cover of matryoshka fabric.


I'm hungry ・・・

so, I cooked meat sauce pasta!!! yummy, yummy (^_^)


Hi, Emma!

Emma, you said "Tord Boontje" about the christmas tree of paper. I didn't know his name, so I checked it.
And I was surprised!!!
The chrismas tree was made by him!!! You're right!!

I didn't know it was made by such a famous person.
I'm lucky to see it.

Thank you!!!


Sewing Set

My pin cushion is always on the table. It's useful for me, but a little bit dangerous if the needle falls down. So I made a small sewing set! It's a palm size. It's so small, but I could get many things into the basket!!! There are pin cushion, scissors, threads, needles, pins and cloth.

And I used BONBON at last!!!
Next, I want to make a bigger size, and maybe a measure will join the company as a new member!!!

Christmas Tree

This christmas tree is made of paper!!
It was so complicated.



I took these pictures at Kego park.
There are many kinds of illuminations in this season!!
They are so beautiful (^_^)

Nice to meet you, Martita!

Hi, Martita!
Thank you for your comments!
I was so glad about them, and I wanted to comment your blog, so tried a few times, but my comments has disappeared ・・・. I don't know why.
Anyway, I've wanted to "Thank you", and I couldn't believe you made such a beautiful stained glass art! You're so great!!!
I hope you notice my message for you and visit my blog again!!!

Thank you!



I went to Fukuoka with Chika chan.
We went shopping and ate delicious foods, especially
"Qu'il fait bon" cake was so delicious!!!

I feel as if I was in France!! Actually, I've never been to France ・・・, but someday ・・・.

We had to wait 60 minutes to eat the cakes in that shop (>_<)
So, we bought two cakes, and went to a park and ate it.
Of couse the cake was delicious, but I like the shop's interior better!!!



I've collected colorful things in my kitchen!!!
flower cutting bord, duck kettle-holder, pink pig kettle mat ・・・.
And I made this matryoshka before.
She is always on my refrigerator and smiles at me (^_^)



Last Sunday, I threw away many things in my room, but there're many things even now・・・. So I bought a fabric to hide my bits and bobs (>_<)

I have to try not to be a shopperholic!!!



She is my family's treasure Moka!
She came to us when I was a high school student. She hates injection, fireworks and big dog(>_<)
Usually she barks at cats and small dogs, but trys to be quiet when she notices big dogs.


petits appartments a paris

This is a book I like best.
There are many pictures of interior, fashion and handmade which is owned by creators in France.

There are also many colors in this book, so I feel happy whenever I read this book!!!
I read it many times, so it's damaged a little ・・・.

And I like this room best in this book!!!
It's so cuuuuuuuuuuute!!!

I want to clean and change my room a little tomorrow, so I hope It'll be sunny!!!


Digital camera case

I bought a digital camera a few days ago, so I made a case for it.



I went to 100yen shop, and bought colorful BONBON.
It was an impulse buying!!
I don't have any plan now, but I want to make something with these BONBON (^^)



I and my friend went to Nagasaki the other day.
The bridge and the shades look like a glasses, so this is called "glasses bridge".

This picture is near the bridge.
We went there to find it.
Can you see something????

The answer is ・・・

We touched it to get a love luck!!!


Monster Banana Cake

I made a banana cake.
I want to give it to my friend in return for her invitation tomorrow.
But making a cake is tricky for me (>_<)
I got surprise when I saw the appearance.
It looks like ・・・

It's too big.



Miyumiyu has decided to marry on St Valentine's Day !
I'm so happy !!!
None of my friend has married yet, so I join my friend marriage for the first time.

I saw a movie " 27 dresses to be happy" ??, and saw Bridesmaids and bestmen had worn same dresses during the marriage ceremony.
Is it for spotlight bride and groom???
Anyway, there isn't such a cultutre in Japan, so it's fun !!!

I want to use this hairband.
I like things with a flower motif.


Pink gerberas

I went to my friend's flower shop on my way home.

I bought pink gerberas and hypericum.
The pink petals are so sweet !!!


★Flower magnets★

These are one of my works.

Usually, I use them on my refrigerator.
And these new things are for a small small shop (^_^)
I and my friend have plan to sell our works some day.
Colorful and cute things always give me energy !!!
So, I want to make many things which makes everyone feel happy.
BUT ・・・ we are easygoing, so we haven't made so many works yet ・・・.


Nice to meet you!!

Welcome to my blog (^_^)

I'm Parisa, and Japanese. 
This is my first time to make a blog in English, so I don't know many things, but I want to enjoy this new try!!!

This is my interior.
I like sewing, cooking, nick nacks, France, etc・・・.