I've been busy this week ・・・.

I'm a secretary at University Hopital, and this is my office.

Tomorrow I'm going to a trip with my coworkers. We'll have a year-end party and farewell party at the same time!!! So I and my coworker, Tamu-chan had to prepare many things. We bought many snacks and cocktail for them, and made an album for a man who are leaving another hospital next year. We used many origami to decorate it, so it took us this week to make.
And I have to make up men for perfomance at the year-end party (>_<) It's first time for me to make
up men!!! So I'm excited about it!! It must be so fun!!!! I don't know you can see it or not, but they perform these peolple ↓

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Peter.Chris さんのコメント...

I didn't know that you are a pink rabbit.. ^,~ The group is great and funny!!

martita さんのコメント...

and whose the rabbit? ;)
video of a group is great :)
greetings and hava a great fun!

parisa さんのコメント...

Peter and Martita, thank you for your comments!!! I'll enjoy today (^_^)